How To Learn Tennis in 1 Hour

If you are looking to learn or improve your game of tennis, look no further and start to read the following article below. Tennis is not as difficult as it seems even to those who do not have in born talent and natural agility and co-ordination. You just need to focus on the point of contacting the ball. The rest will follow suit. Tennis lesson Singapore

In the past tennis had been taught using very specific step by step instructions which made it very rigid and robot-like. One has to turn, step into the ball, racket back and then swing. This is for the forehand. Most old-timers were taught in this manner. The upside of such a method is that they are structured with step by step instructions properly laid out in a manual. You only need to read and follow the instructions and supposedly be able to hit the tennis ball like the pros. Is this true? It is far from the truth.

Tennis is not as structured as it sounds. It relies on very natural and minute movements by the player in order to reach the ball before hitting it. Such natural movements cannot be taught by a manual or via a book. One has to experience the natural movement in order to understand the situation. Therefore, puptownhouston it is unreasonable to teach someone how to move. This is because each one of us is different with varied movements. We do not move in the same manner, walk or run or talk in the same way. Each one of us is unique in our own way. Hence, forcing a person to conform to a set way of moving will inadvertently ruin his ability to hit the ball cleanly as the taught movement may be in conflict with his own natural movements.

Therefore, the key is in getting the student to only focus on finding the ball and contacting it. If one sets aside the complications of having to follow a series of many steps such as footwork, satisfied-being racket back etc, and only focus on finding and contacting the ball, you will realise you can actually hit the ball much easier than you thought.

Tennis is less complicated than you think. It is made difficult by coaches who try to make it structured and complicated. So how does one keep it simple? The first thing that you do is to learn to find the ball with your eyes and hands. Don’t think of footwork. Stand facing the net and contact the ball with your palm with a follow through to your left cheek if you are a right-hander. After successfully brushing up on the ball a few times,  replace your hand with a racket. Repeat the same process.

You will be pleasantly surprised by your ability to consistently hit the ball over the net with a slight top spin in a very short time on the court. In summary, empty your mind an only focus on finding the ball and brushing it over the net as explained above.


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