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To feel comfortable with business technology it helps to understand how it all fits together. Business systems typically consist of four key elements: hardware, software, networks, and hardware peripherals. Here’s how they come together. izinkilat


It’s all a matter of what you need and what you need to do with it. You need to process business in your office, handle business on the move, onespace and ensure that everyone has all the tools they need to do their jobs.. Your computers and the technology system you create will quickly become the backbone of your business. Business uses for personal computers include:


  • Word processing
  • Data and voice communication
  • Financial control and business planning
  • Accounting
  • Sales and marketing presentations
  • Archive, storage and retrieval of customer records and business information
  • Researching information on the Web
  • E-commerce applications with online ordering and payment
  • Online marketing legalitas

Mobile Computing for People on the Move


Notebook and Tablet PCs give you greater flexibility and productivity, wherever you are. Both are available in a variety of configurations designed to suit a range of business needs.

Notebooks (or laptop PCs) are powerful, mobile desktops. They come with an integrated high-resolution colour screen up to 17 inches, keyboard and mouse pad. You can choose your specification. They have an integrated modem for online connection. You should buy the best processor and as much memory as you can afford. Ports (expansion slots and connections) are important because they extend the capability to work with other devices.

Notebooks give you flexibility to work anywhere. You can work while travelling, virtualofficescbd in airports and hotels. You can work from home, abroad, and even in client and customer meetings. With a simple online telephone connection you have full internet access, providing email and web search, access to your office and business database and all aspects of information, purchase, inventory, and accounting. You can download and upload information easily and work anywhere.

The Tablet PC and its Business Benefit

Tablet PCs will revolutionise what you do and how. They will enable you to work in new places and in entirely new ways. The size of standard notepads, Tablet PCs turn your handwritten notes into type or store them as script for instant retrieval. They are lightweight and some have detachable keyboards. They use common peripheral devices (printers, CD drives, High yield stocks monitors). They have all the features needed by mobile users including high-resolution displays and built-in networking.

With a Tablet PC, you can enter data with a special pen. You can make notes, draw diagrams, highlight content, send email messages, convert script to type and much more in both landscape and portrait format. They are fully configured for wireless operation and use the power of new generation programs, like the latest version of Microsoft Office that supports digital ink.

The Tablet PC provides a mobile business solution that is easy for everyone to use. You can take notes in meetings and draw sketches to explain points made or ideas discussed. You can take basic designs and initial concepts and develop them. You can check stock instantly from the factory or warehouse floor. You can write notes and send order confirmations to everyone involved in the transaction. You can collaborate and communicate easily online wherever your business takes you.

Windows Mobile Software Benefits Business and Personal Productivity

Business continues even when you’re out of the office. When you want to contact the office for data, information, messages and more, what are your options? Windows Mobile puts the power of Windows software into a Pocket PC or Smartphone, helping you manage professional and personal communications and information while on the go. Depending on the device and services selected, alliedhealthexchange you can send emails, set up meetings, instant message and access the web or corporate network virtually anywhere.

Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Pocket PC Phone Editions are handheld devices designed to be portable, lightweight, compact, and powerful. Based on Windows Mobile software, they help you to ensure that your business and your people have the right tools to do the job and meet customer and business demands. Their relevance depends on the kind of business you run and manage, and the way you prefer to work.

Windows Mobile Software for Pocket PC:

For many business people, the Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC is a key productivity tool. You can store contact details, run your schedule, calendar dates, jot notes, track expenses and open pocket versions of Word and Excel. With ActiveSync, you synchronise your email, calendar and tasks with your desktop PC while on the go. It’s easy to synchronise with your desktop PC, either wirelessly or through a cabled cradle – so you can be even more productive when you are away from your desk or office.

Windows Mobile Software for Pocket PC Phone Edition:

The Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC Phone Edition offers all the robust functionality of a Pocket PC plus integrated phone functionality, so you can make calls, call and send text messages from Contacts; create call notes and customise ring tones. When combined with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, the Pocket PC Phone Edition also allows you to choose how often you want to synchronise your calendar, contacts and email with your desktop PC.

Windows Mobile Software for Smartphone:

Windows Mobile software for Smartphone provides all the features of a great mobile phone plus pocket versions of Outlook, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. Depending on services and products selected, you can integrate Outlook with your desktop to keep your Inbox, Contacts and Calendar up-to-date. The simple interface makes Windows Mobile-based Smartphones easy to use and personalise. Whether sending emails, instant messages or surfing the web, Windows Mobile for Smartphone helps you stay in touch and in sync while on the go.


After you have purchased hardware, you need software to make it work. Every PC, notebook, portable or handheld device has an operating system. It helps if the operating system that your PC uses is compatible with your other computing devices.

Software is the general name given to programs used to operate computers and connected devices. It is often divided into application software (programs that do the work) and system software (which drive the computer).

Your Operating System and Software Needs

An operating system (OS) is the program that manages all of the other programs in the computer. Windows XP is an operating system. The other programs are called applications. The application programs use the operating system by making requests for services. Users interact directly with their operating system through an interface such as a command language (computer code) or a graphical user interface (GUI) such as Windows.

There is a range of software to choose from offering a different span of applications. For example:


  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Financial management
  • Asset control
  • Presentations
  • Daily diary and scheduler
  • Digital imaging
  • Computer protection
  • System security
  • Email and web browsing

Some you can buy as standalone software. It may be better to:



  • Buy software pre-installed with your new computer
  • Choose a multi-task productivity package.

Key Features to Look for in a New PC


RAM (Random Access Memory)


  • Processor speed
  • Hard-drive storage capacity
  • CD-ROM reader and writer
  • DVD
  • Expandability
  • Connectability
  • Software included in the price
  • Support
  • Size

Many new business computers have Windows XP pre-installed as their operating system. That ensures you are buying a legal copy. You may also benefit from volume discounts negotiated with the hardware vendor. And installation has been done so you can get started quickly. For more info please visit:-


Everything is simple, straightforward, and clear. You can work reliably with in-built online security, network easily with fast internet access, support multiple users on the same PC and make routine business tasks simpler to manage and easier to handle. Intuitively, it works the way you want to, remembering frequently used items, offering wireless networking support, multi-tasking simplicity, and high level interconnectivity. email and mobile communications support is so easy.



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